BWM Pipe Penetration Seals have been designed to assist in achieving an
efficient, low-cost mechanical seal between any Electrical Conduit, Concrete,
Cast Iron, Steel, Copper or PVC/CPVC pipes passing through Walls, Floors,
Tanks, Pipeline Casings and Vaults. The PIPE SEAL, while being used to seal
the gap in electrical conduit lines, will also act as an insulator.

The PIPE SEAL has been designed to provide a gas and watertight seal. All sizes
have been tested to withstand a hydrostatic seal up to 20 psig or 40 feet of head
pressure in addition to withstanding temperatures up to 250° F.

PIPE SEAL standard elastomer material is EPDM, which is suitable for temperatures
ranging from - 40° F to 250° F.  EPDM is suitable for most applications
in water - above ground and direct burial - and will provide the electrical
insulation where cathodic protection is required.

Where the PIPE SEAL may come in contact with Hydrocarbons, Oil, Gas, Jet fuel
and miscellaneous solvents, a Nitrile material is available with temperatures
ranging from -40° F to 210° F.

The PIPE SEAL utilizes glass-reinforced plastic for the pressure plates and
all hardware is manufactured from Steel Zinc Dichromate.  For extremely
corrosive environments, Stainless Steel hardware is available upon request.

The BWM Company's PIPE SEAL is made from synthetic rubber with heavy duty plastic pressure
plates, which are resistant to sunlight and ozone.  All bolts and nuts are plated with
an anti corrosive coating. Stainless steel nuts and bolts are also available.

The BWM Company's PIPE SEAL forms a mechanical rubber seal between pipes going through walls,
floors, vaults, tanks, and pipeline casings and makes a watertight seal between a pipe and a
wall hole. The BWM Company's PIPE SEAL can also be used to seal a gap between an inner pipe
and an outer pipe sleeve or pipeline casing. BWM Company's PIPE SEAL also will seal the gap
between the electrical conduit and the outer conduit, or between the electrical conduit and
the wall hole it passes through.

The BWM Company's PIPE SEAL is designed to form a hydrostatic seal of up to 20 psig and up to
40 feet of head.  The BWM Company's PIPE SEAL, in addition to its sealing properties, helps
absorb vibrations, shocks and sound waves.  It also insulates the inner pipe from all other
outer structures, including outer pipe sleeves, pipe line casings, walls and tanks.

Pipe Sleeves

The BWM Company manufactures Pipe Sleeves in all sizes and styles
depending on job specifications.

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