we are your CASING SPACER, and PIPE SEAL supply store.

BWM can provide any type of CASING SPACER or PIPE SEAL to fit your needs.
We are uniquely positioned to provide years of experience
and through knowledge of our customers needs.

All of our POLY CASING SPACERS are in inventory,
making them immediately accessible to you.

We also inventory a full line of PIPE SEALS and PIPE SLEEVES,
allowing you to have inventory at your disposalin our warehouse.

Our on-site engineers are ready to meet any custom criteria that is required
by your specific jobrequirements as well as offering a full line of Stainless Steel,
Carbon Steel with special coatings and the contractor-friendly Spyder Spacer.

The BWM COMPANY is ready to answer your questions, provide you with quotes
and deliver your needs.  Questions?  Click Tech Support for help.

We specialize in on time delivery and work 24/7 for you.

Telephone: (828) 247-0630
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Toll Free: (866) 5-SPACER
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