Fusion Bonded Carbon Steel Casing

The Casing spacer shall be constructed of a circular, 8-inch or 12-inch wide, 14-gauge
carbon steel fusion bonded band, which bolt together forming a shell around the carrier pipe.

The spacers shall have a combination of 10-gauge risers MIG welded to the bands
and 2-inch wide high strength glass filled polymer runners. The runners and risers
shall be placed in position to properly support the carrier pipe within the casing
and maintain a minimum clearance of -inch between the casing ID and the spacer OD.
All runners shall be attached with stainless steel nuts, to stainless studs,
which are permanently MIG welded to the risers.

The runners will have a recess in which the nuts are placed; the recess shall remain
open to accommodated removal if required to adjust.

The liner shall be a ribbed PVC extrusion, with a thickness of .090-inch,
with hardness of Durometer A 85-90. The runners shall be of high pressure molded
glass reinforced polymer, 2-inches wide. The ends of the runners shall be beveled to
facilitate installation over rough weld beads or deformed casing pipe.
All hardware shall be 304 stainless steel.

The casing spacers shall be model BWM-FB-8 for up to 24-inch diameters and
model BWM-FB-12 for larger sizes as manufactured by the BWM Company, Forest City, NC.

Carbon Steel Casing Spacers

Casing spacers shall be a two piece shell made from 14 gauge mild
steel. Each shell section shall have a flange with a minimum of three 5/16-inch
steel bolts for eight inch wide and four for twelve inch wide spacers.

Each shell shall be lined with a ribbed PVC extrusion with a retaining ridge that
overlaps the shell to prevent slippage.  Runner surface shall be UHMW polymer for
abrasion resistance and a low coefficient of friction.

The runners and risers shall be attached at appropriate positions to properly support
the carrier pipe within the casing and to ease installation.  The runners shall be
attached mechanically with bolts and the bolt heads TIG welded for strength.

The spacers shall be galvanized, painted, or epoxy coated
depending on specific job specifications.

Standard positioning within the casing will require the height of the runners and risers to
be sufficient to provide clearance between the casing and the outside diameter of the bell
or restrainer.  Centered positioning within the casing will require the runners and
risers to place the carrier pipe in the center of the casing and to provide a maximum clearance
of 1-inch to the top of the casing.

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